Tarheel Basketball

UNC has won into the sweet sixteen. My husband, a usual full-time fan (though not as much this year due to serious paperwriting and seemingly eternal reading assignments) has gone to the movies with his cousin; they’re watching the new time piece, 300. I played the “you boys go have fun” wife, as this sort of gore is of no interest to me.

So, as of 15 minutes ago, I spent the evening watching NCAA division 1 basketball all by myself. Granted, I have always loved basketball, and UNC has been a top team in my mind for years (even before I moved into a very light-blue family). I do believe that tonight is the first time I’ve ever watched a game on my own; by watching I mean: sitting there (folding clothes) and watching every play. We were pretty sloppy at times, but pulled through. It was the first time since the regular season for Tyler Hansbrough to refrain from wearing his clear headgear (after having suffered a fractured nose in a UNC/Duke game a few weeks ago). He scored 33 points tonight, anything but disappointing. I don’t plan on making this blog about sports, it just happened to be what I did tonight, and I feel it completely necessary to say that even though we may not win it all this year (which would be completely awesome after having taken home the gold just two years ago), we have a super deep team, and deserve to be here.

I say “we” as though I have a whole heck of a lot to do with whether or not my favorite team wins. I do personally think that having the ability to bring a girl like myself to the TV with intent to watch an entire game solo might mean that the fans collectively really could have something to do with it.


~ by Lindsey on 17 March 2007.

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