vows schmows

Brian: let’s play a prank on everyone

Lindsey: ok. how?

Brian: tell them we’re getting a divorce

Lindsey: ?

Brian: and act all mad around each other for a few days

Brian: and then surprise

Brian: tell your parents and everything

Lindsey: what kind of a sick joke is that?

Brian: it will be hilarious!@

Lindsey: why!?

Lindsey: I don’t think so

Brian: ok

Lindsey: why do you want to do that?

Lindsey: I mean…how is it in any way funny?

Brian: trick everyone

Lindsey: !?

Lindsey: I don’t get it.

Lindsey: At all.

Brian: I don’t know

Brian: I just thought of it

Brian: never mind

Lindsey: well…that’s sick that you just thought of it.

Lindsey: like…most people come up with ideas to go on a picnic, or to plan a weekend vacation.

Lindsey: it would not be funny, and no one you or I know would consider it a good joke.

Brian: ok, gosh

Brian: why don’t you just stab me or something?

Lindsey: now That would be hilarious.

Brian: that was good. I had it coming. and it was good


~ by Lindsey on 9 April 2007.

3 Responses to “vows schmows”

  1. You’re no fun.

  2. hahahah thats funny =)

  3. hahah…I love you guys lol

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