I passed a cop yesterday (he met me, going the opposite way) and his radar gun was up and pointed. On the same topic, I have heard from a few different people that you can definitely be pulled over in this way; he/she will not hesitate to turn around and pull you over.

Exactly how does that work? I mean, when the officer is going _mph and you are going _mph, does the gun add the two speeds together since you are moving toward one another? Does it automatically subtract the cop’s speed from this instance, so he/she can know your exact rate? Does the cop have to do that math? I know that when you are pulled over…(coughpersonalexperiencecough)…that the officer must write on the ticket your exact speed, and if he/she cannot verify what it is from his radar gun, there is no proof that you were speeding. I guess that’s a whole lot of hearsay, but whatever.

This is in no way poking fun at the people who work hard to uphold the law in this country (not on here anyway), but can we really trust a police officer to get that subtraction right every time?

I cannot be the only person who has thought of this.


~ by Lindsey on 1 August 2007.

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