the time has come

Brian’s 5 year old, piecemeal computer (not a dell, not an HP, not an off brand, but not unlike Captain Planet: all forces combined) started showing it’s age months ago. We noticed some minor coughing and congestion at the start of Fall, and Brian realized that their time together might be coming to an end. The necessary preparations have been finalized over the course of a few weeks. I think the initial transfer of files and folders started slowly, a bit more slowly than anyone would want-given its age, so it hasn’t been some sharp cutoff…no harsh, “Hey. I’m done with you.”

It’s been a process, and my company provided Dell and I have been vigilantly sensitive to Brian and how he’s taking it. Like an old friend, or pet, Brian spends quite a bit of time and energy on this machine, and last night was the final wheeze. After some choking, coughing, spurting (literally), the on/off switch gave out and I found my husband in the living room surrounded in nuts/bolts, in full surgery mode. In secret (across the living room), my Dell and I went to the dell website to start building a computer for Brian; he won’t know what to do with something so fast and all the same color. It will be good for him, though. He likes to have 24 tabs open at once, and his older cpu just hated such memory usage. Our internet is fast, but his photoshop time brought the computer to its knees on almost every occasion. This accounts for Brian’s lack of flickr postings; music floating from the computer room has ceased.

Anyway, we’re buying a computer. Thank goodness for external hard drives, or this could have been ugly.


~ by Lindsey on 11 February 2008.

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