80th annual golden guys

I tried my very best to get some really good sleep this weekend. I wanted to be rested for the week and not have the huge bags under my eyes that I am constantly scolding my graduate course about. It sounds incredibly lame to be losing sleep while only taking one class, but the truth is: my 40 hours at work haven’t been 40 hours in weeks. I’m not complaining, the extra time will be rewarded later, and I’ve met some impressive students recently.

I did wonderfully on Friday night and slept in on Sunday past an hour that I hadn’t met while sleeping in years. From there: a crashing failure. My paper somehow didn’t write itself throughout the day on Sunday, and then the Academy Awards found their way to my television set. I’ve always loved movies, but this is the first year I’ve seen 4 of the 5 nominations for best picture. Brian was completely taken with No Country for Old Men, and I was not looking forward to sharing a house with him had the movie not won. Our guesses were mostly right, except for actresses-I didn’t see La Vie en Rose, and now desperately want to. Marion Cotillard seems not only intriguing but very deserving of the award, and I guess that would be the backwards effect of the Oscars: introducing me to an actress that I simply must find at a later date.

The only movie I didn’t see was Michael Clayton (probably another reason I couldn’t have predicted Tilda Swinton’s win), and I’ll probably rent it when it comes out. For some reason I hadn’t thought of this movie to be a good match in the ranks of NCFOM or TWBB. I don’t have a lot of basement to this suggestion, It just seemed like a run of the mill political-secretive-twisty- underhanded-scheme movie to me, and I might be completely wrong and feel completely differently after watching it in a few months.

Javier Bardem was exactly perfect for the Supporting Actor award. He scared the crap out of me in No Country.  It also interested me that none of the winning actors were from America. I obviously don’t have the stats in front of me, but has there ever been a year where a French woman, a Spanish man, and two Brits take home the acting awards?

My favorite win of the night, however, was Daniel Day-Lewis taking Best Lead Actor for his Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood. I guess this is bad, but I had somehow forgotten how wonderful an actor he is. Gangs of New York passed me by a few years ago, as I was in college and only saw movies at the $1.00 Theater…nothing blockbusting. I wasn’t as into movies earlier on, and only saw The Last of the Mohicans as a teenager (covering my eyes during the bloody parts) years after it was released. The man can do no wrong. He seriously does deserve knighthood, in my opinion, and I can’t get over how phenomenal his acting is on so many levels. It doesn’t hurt that he is just as outstandingly humble and eloquent and mesmerizing when he isn’t in character. I really want to find My Left Foot now, and am not ashamed to say that he has quickly become my favorite actor. He’s the absolute best.

The highest moment of the evening was when he and the marvelous Helen Mirren walked off stage, arm in arm. Two of the most spell-binding individuals on the planet, he grinning from the win and in awe of her, and she in the best dress of the night and beaming at him like a true friend.


~ by Lindsey on 25 February 2008.

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