Over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in movies. I’m not sure if it’s due to me marrying a movie lover or having moved to an area where that’s pretty much all there is to do. Probably a little of both. Either way, we have a pretty decent stack of DVDs between the two of us, and are always digging around in the 2 for $10 bin at Wal-Mart. Due to a lack of funds, I see this as being an issue. We can certainly pay for the movies we know we want by saving up for them and waiting until they are cheaper. But what about those movies that I saw a preview for and thought, “I want to see that” but not enough to ever buy it.

We had a blockbuster account for a while, but then three (3) times in a row, the movies didn’t play. That was enough of that (sorry Jason), so I got online and checked out Netflix. You hear about it all the time on commercials, but I wanted to know exactly what this deal is all about. Turns out, there’s a two week (cancel at any time with no restrictions) trial going on. You pick out which deal you want (we went with three movies at a time, unlimited per month for $17), and then after the two weeks end, you are on the plan you picked. I was thinking it might take almost a week to receive the first movies so I’d get one chance to decide how I feel about all of this. Wrong. We got the first three movies in less than 36 hours from signing up (on a Sunday). This means that, if you watch a LOT of movies, you could essentially get three new movies every two days. Realistically, we’ll probably keep each set of 3 for about a work week and then turn them in for the next three on the list. That’s about 15 movies per month, and for $17! I’m in love! This is such a good idea! The envelope for returning movies is pre-paid, you can return them all at once or individually as you finish them…the website is very good about remembering what you like, you can change the order of your queue, and there is the blu-ray option! For no extra cost!

I’m trying to figure out how this is too good to be true, because it really can’t be this easy. I have not had to make one mean phone call or threaten anyone’s life in a nasty e-mail over fine-print markups. Also, on the plan we picked there is unlimited free movies on your computer. Of course, the list to choose from is much smaller than the 90,000 titles that can come to your door. And we don’t watch movies on our computers. But guess what? I travel a decent amount for work, and can now sign into netflix from my hotel and watch basically any movie for free! Sure there are movie websites, but I don’t have to worry about popups or interruptions, or being a felon, etc. I’m so excited about this feature because I hate the downtime after work when I normally would be spending time with Brian but can’t because I’m in ___ . (MD next week, for example.)

Anyway, I’m extremely pleased with this service, at least for now. It’s great that we can try out movies before buying them! Sometimes I buy one because it did so well at the box office and has words like “Must see” on the box. Then I kick myself when I get home and hate it. Never again!


~ by Lindsey on 6 March 2008.

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