Found a few hilarious twitterers (here, and here) and of course that helped revive my own personal twittering.  In an effort to consolidate, it would be so grand if I could put my twitter as a sidebar on here, but I don’t think wordpress has this option.  I wonder if it is worth a switch to another program, or not.  I twitter a bit more than I post blogs, so it would be a great thing to add, if possible.  Yet another wall I come across having the little computer knowledge I have.

Meanwhile, UNC is out.  I was sad to see the game on Saturday because it was such an emotional ride.  Kansas blew us out of the water the first half, and then there was this unbelievable comeback, only to lose in the end.  I must say, the playing was not characteristic of UNC…they are a much better team than I saw on Saturday.  But part of me is big enough to say that both Memphis and Kansas are due.  I am going to watch tonight.  It should be a good match up!  For fun’s sake, I’m going to root for Memphis (Sorry Lauren) because let’s face it…Kansas owned UNC and I gotta be true.  Also, Memphis has never won a tournament, and I love the underdog factor.


~ by Lindsey on 7 April 2008.

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