not that it’s a big one..

My twitter is on here now!  (see right)  To display it on the side I had to pick a different theme.  If there are a few changes to that, it is because I’m not sure if I like this one.  I wish I had the computer knowledge to do my own theme or to change the ones I like to more of what I like.  It’s just annoying enough to realize, but not enough to do anything differently.  I’m not a computer person.  Gotta face it.

Meanwhile, I was an hour early for work this morning because the clock next to my bed was accidentally set an hour fast.  Of course this was the first morning in a long time that I couldn’t find my watch, and left without it.  Never mind that I feel naked without it on; I might have actually realized my bluff before driving 75% of the way here.  My only consolation is that it is Friday.  And I got to hang out with the old folks at Bojangles for a while.  Oh yeah.


~ by Lindsey on 18 April 2008.

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