Oh yeah, this thing.

As I write this, I am actively drowning out the wailing in the other room.  Brian has a cold.  This means the world is over, all puppies have been killed, our landlady has decided to move in with us, Daniel Day-Lewis has died, and a general gnashing of teeth.  You know, a cold.  Anyway, it has been a wonderful summer, filled with short work weeks, a fantastic beach trip, multiple weekends in VA, and a really great class.  All of which probably denoted a blog entry.  Oh, and we made it to a second anniversary.  I suck.

For now, I’ll just say that I finally get to move into my new office in three weeks, my classes are starting out really well, travel looks like it will be eventful and worthwhile, and there’s one big secret that I’ve promised not to share.  No, we’re not pregnant.

I registered to vote a few weeks ago.  My department runs the first table of financial registration (the hoops new and returning students must jump through in order to attend class), and while I was sitting there I noticed a table with big colorful signs saying things like “Rock the Vote”, etc.  First things first: does one vote really rock anything?  Do you “rock” for the simple act of voting, or is it just the idea that young people voting is totally ‘rockstar’?  I digress…my bewilderment over the sign was immediately replaced with embarrassment when the girl at the table confused me for a student.  Most of my co-workers laughed at me because I’ve lived here for over two years and I guess it’s a big deal if you put off your civic duty for as long as I have.  It really wasn’t on account of me being particularly anarchist, I just hadn’t put much thought into it.  Frankly, I haven’t kept up with local government enough to really know who should get my fantastic vote.

It isn’t right for me to poo poo voting as a way to avoid my dislike for the way our government is handled.  This must be anti-American of me, and I don’t mean to seem anti-, semi-, overly- anything.  And I know that the reason I should vote is because I believe things should be a certain way and should fight for this way by participating however I can.  The word Politics has always brought about interesting thoughts in my mind, filled with erased pencil markings and a general distrust in most of those involved. I just don’t really have any idea why my registering to vote and the subsequent voting is going to clear things up for me.  Or why it would rock.

Nevertheless, I can vote now.  I’ve paid more attention to this presidential election than any others, and do plan on being a bit more cognizant about the lesser (and perhaps more important) races.  For now, neither McCain nor Obama have hit me over the head with a love stick, but I know where I stand about most things and will come to a conclusion enough to punch some paper in November.

If I can handle it, I’m gonna go to bed and pretend I’m deaf or something.


~ by Lindsey on 28 August 2008.

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