Holy 10 months, Batman.

The rest of 2009 was really one disappointment after another.  2010 has yet to prove itself.  I’m not going to dwell on these things…or am going to try not to.

Why does everyone have to be right all the time?  I’m tired of everyone knowing everything, and thinking that their way is It.  I know there have to be some absolutes, and those remain outside the scope of this blog post.  But I was following a thread the other day and stumbled across a post about child-rearing.  If you want to see nice people turn mean faster than the twitter trend of MJ’s death, just start talking about whether or not you spank your kid.  Seriously.  Not only was everyone right, but EVERYONE ELSE was wrong.  This isn’t just for the momentarily strong anonymous that we so often see on the internet.  Politicians know everything.  Scientists know everything.  Anyone who’s ever been right before, must certainly be right now.  I don’t think we’re all dumb to believe this fallacy, but that doesn’t stop everyone from being so ‘right’.  We all get annoyed with the Kanyes and what’s-her-face Cyrus-types because they are so blatantly obvious.  I’m not even going to credit them with “Well at least you don’t hide it!” because arrogance isn’t something to reward…but there is this thing about society today that keeps people from admitting wrong and/or open-mindedness in general.  It’s not a new concept; “Me-ism” is rampant.  We all know that.  WE KNOW.  see??


~ by Lindsey on 11 February 2010.

One Response to “Right.”

  1. Someone told me once that we were all so certain that we all know the “RIGHT” way to raise a child. “You know, I’d never let my child do that…” But most of these millions of different ways must be right cause most of the kids turned out alright and have become reasonably productive members of society.

    I thought she made good sense at the time. By the number of criminals – and current definitions of moral behavior – I’d say there were only half million “right” ways to raise children. But that does make more than one “right” way, doesn’t it?

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