june tune

Things are a little better.  I’m not just saying that because we moved to VA or because I’m finding something to do every day.  I bet those things help, but they aren’t why I’m better.  I believe it has to do with several recent inner-arguments.  Some of it was prayer, and some of it was me yelling at myself.  I wouldn’t say I’m at 100%, but really, who ever is?  I think at our best, most can say we’re in the 80s.  I’m almost in the 80s.

Olive loves the new life here.  No.  She loves her new life here.  She has a backyard to run in without being on a leash.  She has two bigger dogs to play with and on and under and around.  She has her couch.

She has her people (us) and new people.  She loves people.  She sits below my mom during guitar time and seems to love listening.  I don’t know if that’s true, but she’ll actually sit there the whole time.  I think she loves it.  Literally, this move is the best thing that has happened to her.  And it’s easy to be happy when I think about how happy she is.

I’m hopeful every day that the peace and joy that I know can be a part of my life will one day return.  I’m not just sitting around waiting for it…and I’m not exactly jumping up and grabbing it, yet.  For now, just knowing it is there and attainable is a step in the right direction.

Moreover, overheard at last night’s Farkel game:

Gammy: How many points do I need to win?

Brian: Um…let me see…(very many points needed)…heh.  *lowered eyebrows, blinking*

Gammy: What, you can’t count that high?



~ by Lindsey on 7 June 2010.

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