taking notice

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Saying that my house is old is an understatement.  Here’s an idea of how aged our rental home is: if you throw a ball for the dog, it doesn’t stop for a LONG time because once it gets close to stopping, it hits a dip in the linoleum and goes another direction for a while before it hits yet another curve in the floor and heads the opposite way.  As you can imagine, this is great fun for the puppy.  She’ll run after her ball and then watch it turn and follow it around the house.  I’d be more annoyed with our warped floor if it didn’t provide such enjoyment for her.

More indications that our home is from another time are random hooks in the ceiling.  I’m not sure if these are plant hooks, or ones upon which you might find a hanging lamp…maybe my living room was at some point the bleeding out room of a slaughterhouse?  Whatever their purpose used to be, they now have a new job.

They are the very reason Olive gets up in the morning.

She wakes up with us, runs into the living room and looks up at them.  If they are there (they’ve never moved), she will then eat breakfast and sit by the door for her morning potty.  We enjoy movie night in this room and she normally heats my lap while her long body is in a half moon shape.  She sleeps through war scenes, laughter, and the alien coming out of Kane.  Nothing stirs her.  Roughly twice during the course of a movie, she jumps out of her (always) deep sleep.  She whips her head around, often with alarming speed, and checks on her hooks.  Whew, still there.  I think she dreams about them.

There is one hook in our bedroom, right above where Brian sleeps.  Of course, the jokes have all been made, and he noted a few years ago that should it fall on him, he’d get quite a bump.  Olive sleeps at our feet usually, with our legs as the hot dog buns, and will wake up in the night to come check out her hook.  This involves a great deal of maneuvering through blankets, waking us up, etc.  There is nothing else in our house or her life that enthralls her as much as the blasted hooks.

I was thinking about her peculiarity recently.  She must, at all times, know about them.  It seems really strange to me, but then again, should it?  What do I keep close tabs on without reason?   Where is the line between taking in creation and becoming overly interested?  I’m not trying to get too philosophical here–there is nothing wrong with taking the time to notice the world around you.  I just wonder what I could have accomplished with that time, were it put to a cause that means something.  That’s probably just the workaholic in me.



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This doesn’t seem like it could be real.  I’m posting it anyway.

all you need is trust and…a little bit of insanity?

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Every time I wake up, I notice that spring cleaning fairies have come through my house, rearranging all of the furniture, cleaning a different spot than before, and making the house look a little bigger.  I don’t know what has gotten into him, but I’m not going to say one word.  This illness is one that I’d like for him to keep, thankyouverymuch.

as the air gets a little cooler

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I’ve wanted to update for a while, but to be honest with you, I haven’t known how to say what I’d like to say.  Part of me is very open about my feelings politically and morally, and part of me is very hesitant to try and put these feelings to words.  I am not unhappy with the results of last week’s election, though my heart tells me to be wary of any decision that is made right now, due to our economy and global situation.  Thank goodness North Carolina had early voting in place.  If that hadn’t been an option, we’d probably STILL be undecided.  hehem.

Anyway, that’s enough about that.  I’ll just be hopeful for some changes that need to take place, and in prayer about the things that I hope stay the same.  My husband and I got a puppy a few weeks ago.  Her name is Olive and she is a sweetheart.

Olive at 7 weeks

Olive at 7 weeks

She is a chocolate and tan miniature dachshund.  We love her a lot and are happy to have grown as a family in this way.  Right now, there is much biting and jumping and learning where to pee, and though that can be painstaking, I’m loving every minute.  We’d like to socialize her to other animals soon, so anyone who might have stumbled upon this blog and lives within 75 miles of Albemarle, NC…hit me up.

We’re in the midst of vaccinations, crate training, house training and trying to get her to sit still long enough for some pictures.  A good selection of the few we have so far can be found on my facebook page:

Facebook Album: Olive

I know.  Too much adorable.

Work is going well.  We’re having students on campus much more than last year, which is a good sign in my opinion.  My numbers are way up from last year at this time, and I’m feeling good about the students that I’m working with right now.  We had Falcon Preview Day on Saturday with a great turnout.  It went very smoothly with only one or two hiccups.  I got a deposit!  That’s always a good thing.

I’ll try to end on something a little less mind-blowingly boring.  I’ve never been on board with those of you who LOVE autumn.  For some reason, the short days and colder weather never brought about good feelings for me, so while most people have been “I LOVE FALL!!”, I’ve been, “Time for a coat.”  For some unknown reasons, my feelings have changed a little this year.  Our Fall has been especially beautiful, with the leaves lasting on the trees much longer than last year.  Also, the shorter days haven’t been as much an issue for me, again, inexplicably so.  I’m enjoying it, and while I don’t know why, I’m not going to ask.  It’s never a bad thing to start liking something for which you’ve never had an affinity previously.

I’m not even upset that we aren’t putting up a tree this year.  Stop right there.  Don’t choke on your coffee.  Brian and I LOVE Christmas but with a new puppy and being in VA for about three weeks around the holidays, there is little need for heavy decorating.  We’re still planning on putting up other festive things like our wreath, kitchen stuff and stockings.  Just not the tree.  It really is one of the most depressing things to come home on January 3rd to a house full of dusty decorations.  Finding a way to stuff it all back into the respective boxes, while also doing laundry for work, and putting away new gifts is just terrible.  Christmas isn’t about having a tree in your living room, anyway.  And I’m sure we’ll have plenty of glittery, tinselly puppy poop to pick up while we’re in VA.  We can get that out of our systems there.


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Oh yeah, this thing.

As I write this, I am actively drowning out the wailing in the other room.  Brian has a cold.  This means the world is over, all puppies have been killed, our landlady has decided to move in with us, Daniel Day-Lewis has died, and a general gnashing of teeth.  You know, a cold.  Anyway, it has been a wonderful summer, filled with short work weeks, a fantastic beach trip, multiple weekends in VA, and a really great class.  All of which probably denoted a blog entry.  Oh, and we made it to a second anniversary.  I suck.

For now, I’ll just say that I finally get to move into my new office in three weeks, my classes are starting out really well, travel looks like it will be eventful and worthwhile, and there’s one big secret that I’ve promised not to share.  No, we’re not pregnant.

I registered to vote a few weeks ago.  My department runs the first table of financial registration (the hoops new and returning students must jump through in order to attend class), and while I was sitting there I noticed a table with big colorful signs saying things like “Rock the Vote”, etc.  First things first: does one vote really rock anything?  Do you “rock” for the simple act of voting, or is it just the idea that young people voting is totally ‘rockstar’?  I digress…my bewilderment over the sign was immediately replaced with embarrassment when the girl at the table confused me for a student.  Most of my co-workers laughed at me because I’ve lived here for over two years and I guess it’s a big deal if you put off your civic duty for as long as I have.  It really wasn’t on account of me being particularly anarchist, I just hadn’t put much thought into it.  Frankly, I haven’t kept up with local government enough to really know who should get my fantastic vote.

It isn’t right for me to poo poo voting as a way to avoid my dislike for the way our government is handled.  This must be anti-American of me, and I don’t mean to seem anti-, semi-, overly- anything.  And I know that the reason I should vote is because I believe things should be a certain way and should fight for this way by participating however I can.  The word Politics has always brought about interesting thoughts in my mind, filled with erased pencil markings and a general distrust in most of those involved. I just don’t really have any idea why my registering to vote and the subsequent voting is going to clear things up for me.  Or why it would rock.

Nevertheless, I can vote now.  I’ve paid more attention to this presidential election than any others, and do plan on being a bit more cognizant about the lesser (and perhaps more important) races.  For now, neither McCain nor Obama have hit me over the head with a love stick, but I know where I stand about most things and will come to a conclusion enough to punch some paper in November.

If I can handle it, I’m gonna go to bed and pretend I’m deaf or something.

a few things

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First, I feel completely disheveled at work. I know this is stupid of me, and that I need to suck it up, but things just feel all over the place. I’m moving again, have started a few new projects, and we’re having some major staff changes in the next few months.

Next, I want to mention that Summer is here. Not only is it warm outside (bordering on Hot), but we had some strong storms last night with lots of summer storm qualities. Oh, and I guess I could talk about the tornadoes that were two hours away. Tornadoes that the local NBC weather team felt it their duty to keep me informed about between 9-9:30 p.m. Yesterday was Thursday. You do the math. <hatred>

Lastly, there are some really hopeful things coming this way and I don’t often know what to do with that. Brian might have some great opportunities soon, and I was signed into a full class with a teacher that ‘never signs people into class’. There are other things, not blog-worthy, but you get my drift. Positivity where it wasn’t before.

I guess that’s a good nutshell story of my life at the moment. My class starts next week, and our 4-day weeks start on the 19th. Nervous smiles all around.


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not that it’s a big one..

My twitter is on here now!  (see right)  To display it on the side I had to pick a different theme.  If there are a few changes to that, it is because I’m not sure if I like this one.  I wish I had the computer knowledge to do my own theme or to change the ones I like to more of what I like.  It’s just annoying enough to realize, but not enough to do anything differently.  I’m not a computer person.  Gotta face it.

Meanwhile, I was an hour early for work this morning because the clock next to my bed was accidentally set an hour fast.  Of course this was the first morning in a long time that I couldn’t find my watch, and left without it.  Never mind that I feel naked without it on; I might have actually realized my bluff before driving 75% of the way here.  My only consolation is that it is Friday.  And I got to hang out with the old folks at Bojangles for a while.  Oh yeah.